About Us

UCC TradSoc is where you need to be if you’re interested in Irish Music, Song or Dance. We welcome absolutely everyone to all our events, regardless of whether you know a flute from a fiddle, or a banjo from a bouzouki, we’re all just in it for a bit of craic! This year we have a weekly trad session on Sunday nights in The Rock Bar, Gillabbey Street at 9:30pm. There are also the free weekly lunchtime concerts which take place in the Seomra Caidrimh in the ORB. In the past, these have included such acts as The Mulcahy Family, Matt Crannitch, and many more renowned Munster based musicians. The highlight of the year is our annual ‘UCC’s Cork TradFest’ which takes place over the first weekend of February and we’re also introducing ‘UCC TradWeek’, in November, a TradFest exclusively for UCC students! There is already word of some great acts appearing and the sessions will roll on into the early hours! We’re not going to tell you everything all at once, but what we can say is that there will be TradDisco’s, Workshops, Competitions, and even a few Mystery Tours during the year which will remain a…. well… mystery for now. You’ll just have to sign up to find out! But before you do, Like us at www.facebook.com/ucctradsoc